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We have added Analysis・Simulation Service

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Added Product

Ceramic Forum serves as a window for glass analysis and simulations conducted by Glass Service, Czech.
Today, we have added 3 analysis and simulation services. We also have added High-Temperature Observation Equipment manufactured by Glass Service on Glass Manufacturing Equipment Section.

Analysis・Simulation Service
1, Glass Defect Analysis
    Glass Service conduct defect analysis such as bubble, stone, and dissolved gas analysis.
    They do not only provide just a data, but also solution to solve the defects.

    If interested, please visit here

2, Glass Furnace Simulation Service
    Glass Service conduct glass furnace simulation service. They will input the furnace data on their
    simulation software GFM. The simulation will come in handy if you want to optimize the furnaces 
    such as glass quality improvement and furnace lifetime extension.

    If interested, please visit here

3, Electrode Installation Simulation
    Glass Service conducts Electrode Installation Simulation for any types of furnaces.
    It will help clients to optimize the electrode according to needs.

    If interested, please visit here

Glass Melting Equipment

1, High-Temperature Observation tool
    This gives visual observation of process in molten glass in connection with computer image analysis.
    If interested, please visit here
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