Glass Service
Glass Service (Czech Republic)
Name of company: Glass Service, Inc.
Company establishment: 1990
Location of headquarter: Vsetin (Czech Republic)

Bubble/stone analysis, Redox potential measurement (Rapidox),
equipment for observing high temperature glass melting (HTO), melting furnace simulation (GFM), advanced control system (ESIII)

STG (Germany)
Company name: Software & Software & Technologie Glass GmbH Cottbus
Company establishment: 1990, after Berlin wall was destructed, 3 engineers of ex-East Germany State-TV plant started up STG for engineering of glass industry.
Location of headquarter: Cottbus (Germany)

Zirconia O2 sensor / DeNOx system / Air curtain system for control of secondary air-rate / Oil-, and gas burners / Optical melting control system (OMC)

FlammaTec (Czech Republic)
Company name: Flammatec, Ltd.
Company establishment: 2008, co-established by STG and Glass Service
Location of headquarter: Vsetin (Czech Republic)

Gas burners custom-made for float-, container- and fiber furnaces adjusted to the existing burner block / Easy control of flame shape and length according to customers' needs / Saving energy at least 2% compared the conventional burners / Improving the glass quality thanks to gas-firing optimization.

Vitrumtec (Czech Republic)
Company name: VitrumTec, Ltd.
Company establishment: 2009 by Glass Service
Location of headquarter: Vsetin (Czech Republic)

Not only engineering of all electric melting furnace and electric boosting but also computer simulation for optimization of electric power and electrodes position / Electrode holders / Electric supplying system / Pushing electrodes / Cooling water system

Bohemia Hotworkミ
Bohemia Hotwork (Czech Republic)
Compnay name: Bohemia Hotwork s.r.o.
Company establishment: 1985
Location of headquarter: Teplice (Czech Republic)

?Cooperated with VitrumTec for electric boosting engineering / Draining / Heating-up / Regenerator cleaning / Electrode holder replacement

Motim (Hungary)
Company name: MOTIM Fused Cast Refractories Ltd.
Company establishment: 1957
Location of headquarter: Mosonmagyarovar (Hungary)

Fused cast refractories (AZS, Al2O3, Al2O3)

Bernard Bonnefondミ
Bernard Bonnefond (France)
Company name: Bernard & Bonnefond
Company establishment: 1925 as a repair work-shop for electric machine for steal industry
Location of headquarter: Saint Etienne (France)

- Varivolt (Stepless transformer for glass furnace)
- IVR transformer
- Low rotating electric generator for river flow
- Special coil for transformer
- Power electric supply and control system
- Busbar

Gedevelop (Sweden)
Company name: Gedevelop AB.
Company establishment: 1987
Location of headquarter: Helsingborg (Sweden)

- Gob Image Analyser for container glass (GIA)
- Glass Flow Meter for insulation fiber glass (GFM)
- Glass Vision System for container glass (GVS)

P-D DYKO (Germany)
Company name: P-D Refractories GmbH | DYKO-GLASS
Location of headquarter: Düsseldorf (Germany)

Dense Zircon and dense Cr2O3 refractories. These refractories are specially produced by rubber pressed method,
which are pressed in the liquid by equivalent pressing. After the pressing, they are fired in the kiln. Compared to fuzed cast refractories,
these dense blocks are more stable against thermal shock and higher electrical resistance. By these properties, they are suitable materials for LCD and fiber glass production.
Especially the dense Cr2O3 has strong properties against chemical corrosion and is used for the throat and dog-house corner blocks of container glass furnaces.