GaN Single Crystalline Wafers

GaN Single Crystalline Wafers

Ceramic Forum started handling GaN wafers in 2011. Making use of high quality substrate utilized in the ammonothermal method, higher quality is achieved compared to other production methods. We offer the size of 10 mm~10mm chip, 1 and 2 inch wafer. Also in the wide variety of orientations, such like c-plane, m-plane and [20-21] plane. It is expected that GaN semiconductors will be used in an extremely wide array of applications and market volume is expected reach 25 billion dollars in 2015.

a.Display (laser TV, projectors)
b.Illumination (white LED, UV LED)
c.Energy-saving devices (high efficiency, high-pressure resistant, high-temperature operating devices)
d.Storage devices (blue laser-diodes)
e.Wireless systems (high-frequency devices)

Product specifications

High-carrier-concentration n-type GaN substrates

High Transparency n-type GaN substrates

Ultra High Resistivity Semi-Insulating GaN substrates

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