SiC Epi Service

SiC Epi Serivice

At Ceramic Forum, Co. Ltd. SiC epitaxiy services started in 2009. We are dealing with all specifications of N-type, P-type, and from 600V-SBD type epi ~ super high voltage device epi exceeding 6500V according to customer requests. Currently we are handling Epi-services by the Swedish companies Norstel and Acreo.

Some of the typical orders

1.600V SBD FET single layer Epi
2.1200V SBD FET single layer Epi
3.1700V SBD FET@single layer Epi
4.3300V~6500V PiN Diode IGBT
5.6500V IGBT
Epi thickness 1ハm`150ハm Epi doping density 5e14/cm3 ~ 1e19/cm3

Manufacturer information

Norstel AB
Norstel AB
Europe's largest Epi-service provider. Started in 1993, from a silicon carbide (SiC) project initiated in collaboration with ABB and Linkoping University. Factory is located in Norrkoping, one of the most modern and advanced facilities existing in the world today, equipped with the best available infrastructure process tools and characterization equipment. Norstel is focused purely on producing single crystal SiC material for industries.
Swedish state-run research institute which started SiC research in 1993.
Consistently worked with SiC Epitaxy-service related device manufacturing.
Having high level R&D capabilities, they are conducting joint R&D and publications with a lot of companies, including Japanese.
They specially have strength on special specification epi, such like p-type, thick epi over 50 micron and multi-layer.

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