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New Diamond Technology Diamond Plate

Features of NDT's Diamond Plates

Since 2018, Ceramic Forum promotes single crystal diamond plates manufactured by New Diamond Technology (NDT) in Russia. New Diamond Technology has been successfully active on the market for synthetic diamonds for gemstone applications until recently, when they decided to produce single crystal diamond plates for semiconductor applications as well.

Single crystal diamond plates produced by New Diamond Technology's HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) method have no strain, surface cracks or pits and have a perfect crystalline structure. This guarantees all the diamond plates to have a large amount of workspace. Raman scattering measurements attest the high quality of NDT's diamond plates. Common high-quality diamonds have a line width of 1.80cm-1, whereas NDT's substrates have a line width of 1.67cm-1.

Almost all diamond plates produced are identical and have low birefringence and fluorescence and show hardly any traces of Nitrogen, Silicon, or Boron. Having a nearly perfect single crystalline structure, the diamonds show high resistivity and can be ordered as doped diamond substrates as well.

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Technology of Diamond Production

NDT's manufacturing facility is equipped with modern machinery. These machines have been customized and improved by the company's engineers and technicians. Their unique technology allowed New Diamond Technology to achieve several world records.

NDT's HPHT diamond plates are well known to have top-quality within the industry. Also, clients can order custom made diamonds. Customization ranges from basics such as thickness and shape to small details such as types of diamond (IIa, IIb), and doping concentration. The diamonds are cut by high power, high accuracy water jet lasers, therefore the surface roughness of the diamond plates is below 5nm.

Manufacturer Information

New Diamond Technology (Russia)

New Diamond Technology was established in 2014 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. NDT's diamond production technology is one of the best in the world having achieved several world records. Not only do they produce diamonds for jewelry applications, but also for industrial and research purposes. They were one of the founding members of International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) in 2015.

・World Records:
・2015: Produced world's largest colorless diamond.
・2016: Produced world's largest synthetic blue diamond.

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