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Norstel SiC Gemstones

Features of SiC Gemstones by Norstel AB

Norstel is the world's leading company in jewelry SiC. The high purity growth process that is a patent of Norstel, and the high transparency properties of silicon carbide can produce premium white SiC which is a unique gemstone material. Following the French Henri Moissan (Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan) who discovered natural SiC around the Arizona state at meteorite crater in 1893, SiC for jewelry was named "Moissanite" in 1904. Today, SiC for jewelry is also called "moissanite" SiC even-though it is artificially colored. With some purity and crystal orientation, SiC is colorless and can be processed into gems by cutting and grinding. At Norstel, they developed a unique SiC growth process. This allows Norstel to produce almost transparent SiC that is suitable for mass production.  SiC with high refractive index exerts better shine than diamond. Dispersion of light is also very good compared to diamonds. Furthermore, it has hardness close to that of diamond and SiC boasts high durability.

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Norstel AB (Sweden)

Norstel AB (Sweden)

A spin-off venture from Sweden's Linkoping University, with a history of high achievement in SiC research. Currently, the largest Epi service provider in Europe. Started in 1993, based on joint SiC research from Sweden's Linkoping University and ABB Ltd., Norstel AB continued under the umbrella of Finland's Si wafer maker, Okmetic, until independence in 2005. In addition to the SiC epi furnaces for mass production and the single wafer epi furnace for R&D, Norstel AB has built a system for mass production supported by a great deal of evaluation equipment.

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