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Semiconductor Department

Company/Services Download Content
Norstel Norstel 2-inch Semi-insulating SiC Substrate
Norstel 3-inch Semi-insulating SiC Substrate
Norstel 4-inch Semi-insulating SiC Substrate
Norstel 4-inch n-type SiC Substrate
Prototype Devices by Ascatron Ascatron_PIN_10kV2A_Package
Ascatron Epitaxy Service Ascatron Epitaxy Service Sheet
NovaSiC CMP Service NovaSiC CMP Service Sheet
Phystech DLTS DLTS and analysis service
GaN Wafer Specification sheets AMMONO GaN wafer
Ammono 2-inch C-plane GaN wafer spec-sheet
Nanowin GaN wafer spec-sheet
SiC ion implantation infos SiC Ion Implantation by mi-2 factory 01
SiC Ion Implantation by mi-2 factory 02
Si-Crystal SiCrystal SiC Wafer Spec-sheets
SiC Device foundry Ascatron Device Foundry Machinery
Ceramic Forum Crystalline Tester 1 Spec-sheet

New Diamond Technology

Diamond Plate Spec-sheets

Glass Melting Technology Department

Company Download Content
Vitroflow VFM Spec-sheet
FLAMMATEC FT Flex Gas Injector Spec-sheet
STG STG Gmbh Oxygen Sensor Spec-sheet

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