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Privacy policy

Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information

We declare that we comply to the “Protection of Personal Information Act” and other related laws and regulations.

Responsibility as an analytics/research related business

We declare that we treat personal information appropriately, taking into consideration the characteristics of our business (glass melting technology, ceramics, monocrystals, optics) and the characteristics of the personal information to be handled (secret information of communication, privacy information etc.).

Thorough implementation of safety control measures for personal information

We declare that we shall take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, destruction or loss of personal data and enforce safety management of personal data (information security measures).

Handling of other personal information

  • About disclosure of personal information when leaked
  • On the retention period of personal information
  • Request for disclosure etc. of retained personal data

Continuous improvement of compliance program

We declare that we will continuously improve the internal control system (compliance program) for the protection of personal information.

Established: August 2011

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