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Nitride Semiconductors

Nitride semiconductors are material said to be the model for next-generation semiconductors. Along with SiC (silicon carbide), they have physical characteristics (high dielectric breakdown and low conduction resistance) suitable for power devices, enabling substantial compaction and high equipment efficiency. As the main material for light-emitting elements such as blue LED and laser diodes, it has solid marketability as well as great potential for use in "solar cells", and "artificial photosynthesis", etc.

At Ceramicforum, we offer single-crystal GaN substrates and GaN epitaxial services.

GaN Wafer

Single-crystal GaN wafers manufactured by Ammono (Poland) are high-quality substrates grown by the ammonothermal method, boasting higher quality than other wafers such as HVPE, etc.

GaN Epi Service

Deposition services provided by Seen Semiconductor (Poland). Epi services for not only GaN but also AlInGaN, InAlGaAs, SiC, Graphene, and others.

GaN/AlN Template

Ceramic Forum provides high-quality GaN or AlN templates. They are foreseen as next-generation nitride semiconductor research material.

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