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Glass Manufacturing Equipments


This is a variable transformer manufactured by Bernard Bonnefond, France. This transformer will allow users to control electricity precisely.


This is a glass flow monitor by Swedish Company Vitroflow. This monitoring system will allow users to measure the flow of molten glass 24/7. Recommended for glass fiber manufacturer.

 Rapidox II

This is an oxygen sensor manufactured by Glass Service, Czech. This equipment uses redox measurement to optimize the glass manufacturing process.

Flex Gas Injector

This is a burner for glass furnace. It is produced by FLAMMATEC, Czech. It is suitable for all applications on regenerative furnaces.

 Expert System ESIII

This is an advanced control system manufactured by Glass Service, Czech. It is currently in use by 60 furnaces worldwide. 

Oxygen Sensor by STG Gmbh

This is an oxygen sensor manufactured by STG gmbh, Germany. This sensor is known to be very durable.


This is a High-Temperature Observation Equipment. This will provide data such as quantitative evaluation of batch melt test.



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