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Oxygen Sensor by STG Gmbh

Features of Oxygen Sensor by STG Gmbh

Ceramic forum handles oxygen sensor manufactured by STG company, Germany. If this sensor is used with STG Lambda Control, it has potential to save energy up to 1.5% This also monitors and control infiltration such reversal leakages and ingressed air.

This product has the following features. 
· Continuously measure the exhaust gas oxygen concentration.
· High heat resistance
· High durability
· Heat resistant design for glass furnaces
· Runs 3 to 5 years without maintenance
· Automatic control by output signal is possible
· External output of 4-20 mA or 1-5 V
· By proper combustion management, it contributes greatly to energy conservation. 

STG Gmbh can provide these services upon request.

・Renting and Service Contract:
        ・Basic installation, regular services with maintenance measurement.
        ・Rental Available from 1day.

・Annual Maintenance Contract:
        ・Regular services with maintenance measurement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Manufacturer Profile

STG Gmbh (Germany)

STG Gmbh is an innovative and technology-oriented company that provides glass melting technologies.

STG Gmbh provides energy saving, NOx reduction, increasing melting rates and furnace process optimization solutions. They have supported 45 glass manufacturers all around the world.  STG does not only support glass manufacturers, but also ceramic, chemical, and metallurgic production.

For any questions or requests regarding our services please feel free to contact us via phone or inquiry form.
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