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Glass Furnace Simulation Software "GFM"


Ceramic Forum distributes licenses for Glass Furnace Simulation Software developed by Glass Service, Czech.

For clients who need intensive simulations to improve the quality of glass, we recommend requesting the license for GFM. Glass Service is the world leader in modeling software specialized in the glass industry. GFM was developed for glass furnaces, regenerators, and forehearth simulations and is used by more than 35 companies. When installing the software, a specialized team of Glass Service will provide extensive training. This training will not only teach you basic CFD technology but also practical techniques such as drawing and creating models of glass furnaces.

By acquiring the license, clients could earn these benefits:
・Keeping simulation result confidential
・Accumulation of Glass melting technology and technique

Also, Glass Service provides these services:
・Specialized training for GFM
・Review of customer project if requested
・Customized GFM for each client
・Huge database of refractory material
・Periodical user meetings
・Split work on project with Glass Service if requested

Please inquire us if interested.

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Manufacturer Profile

Glass Service (Czech)

Glass Service Company is a Czech company that provides glass analysis and manufactures various glass melting equipments. 

Glass Service aims to provide innovative products and services by combining the basic technology of glass melting and lab technology. As a main product, Glass Service manufactures an advanced control system (ES III) combining their glass manufacturing and IoT technologies.

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