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Glass Furnace Simulation Service

Features of Glass Furnace Simulation by Glass Service

Glass Service Company has the world's No. 1 strength in computer simulation for glass melting furnace, and its software GFM is licensed to 40 companies worldwide. In addition, they conduct more than 50 simulations every year and have more than 500 results since our establishment. This simulation is available with any types of furnaces. They do not only simulate, but adopt reports of furnace engineers from various European companies and examine the consistency between the calculation results and actual furnace operation. We are also developing advanced control system ESIII which applied this simulation technology to the control of actual furnace operation.

When is such service is needed?

Glass Service has over 500 modeling experience, and able to solve questions concerning:
  ・New Furnace Design
  ・Combustion Systems (gas, oil, and oxygen)
  ・Increase of the pull
  ・Bubbling, electric boosting, barrier, and submerged throat.
  ・Furnace Repair

Modeling helps to:
  ・Solve blister, seed, stone, and cord problems.
  ・Solve furnace corrosion in the glass melt or combustion environment
  ・Optimize furnace operation
  ・Optimize forehearth operation

Example of Glass Furnace Simulation

In the design procedure of the optimal furnace by simulation, as a basic case, the drawing of the furnaces and the operation condition are programmed into GFM. Based on the calculation result, you could simulate furnace output (glass temperature, glass flow, quality). If calculation does not match, we will tune the calculation so it could match the current condition. This way we can simulate realistic virtual furnace on the personal computer. Next, as a case study, for example, by carrying out boosting by placing electrodes in the bottom, it is possible to calculate "How much can the output be raised?", "Which electrode placement is more effective?", to find the optimal solution. Up to this date, this simulation has helped a variety of glass manufactures all around the world.

Other simulation and analysis available

Manufacturer Profile

Glass Service (Czech)

Glass Service Company is a Czech company that provides glass analysis and manufactures various glass melting equipments. 

Glass Service aims to provide innovative products and services by combining the basic technology of glass melting and lab technology. As a main product, Glass Service manufactures an advanced control system (ES III) combining their glass manufacturing and IoT technologies.

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