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Glass manufacturing technology

List of basic research & simulation business partners

Glass Service, Inc. (Czech Republic)

Glass Service, Inc. (Czech Republic)
Company Name Glass Service, Inc.
Founded 1990
Head Office Vsetin, Czech Republic
  • Bubble/stone analysis
  • Redox potential measurement Rapidox
  • High-temperature molten glass observation device HTO
  • Glass melting furnace simulation GFM
  • Advanced control system ESIII

List of engineering business partners

STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
Company Name STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG
Founded 1990 (Established after the fall of the Iron Curtain by former engineers of a state-run glass factory in East Germany)
Head Office Cottbus, Germany
Major Products
  • STG DeNOx Systems
  • Exhaust gas O2 sensors
  • Heavy oil, gas, heavy oil / gas burners
  • Air baffles for secondary air adjustment
  • Furnace surveillance camera for automatic control (OMC)

FlammaTec (Czech Republic)

FlammaTec (Czech Republic)
Company Name FlammaTec, Ltd.
Founded 2008 (Co-established by STG and GS)
Head Office Vsetin, Czech
Major Products
  • Designing according the characteristics of float furnaces, container furnaces etc.
  • Custom-made to fit existing burner block
  • Flame adjustment (length/shape) according to customers’ needs
  • Low combustion temperature and high flame brightness contribute to low NOx emissions Float furnace <220 ppm, Container furnace <130ppm
    Very easy flame adjustment
  • Energy saving effect of 2% ~ 8% (depending on existing burner) by flame adjustment Contributing to improving glass quality by good combustion

Bohemia Hotwork Ltd.(Czech Republic)

Bohemia Hotwork Ltd. (Czech Republic)
Company Name Bohemia Hotwork, Ltd.
Founded 1983
Head Ofiice Teplice, Czech Republic
Major Products
  • Planning and execution of glass draining for furnace cold repair
  • Planning and execution of firing at furnace cold repair
  • Hot drilling construction work on electrode insertion hole during operation

MOTIM (Hungary)

MOTIM (Hungary)
Company name MOTIM Fused Cast Refractories, Ltd.
Founded 1957
Head Office Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary
Major Products

Production of electroformed bricks

Electroformed bricks are made by electrically melting ceramics (alumina + silica + zirconia) at a high temperature of 1,800℃ or higher, pouring them into a mold (made of silica sand or carbon) and then cooling before processing them into desired shape.
These electroformed bricks made of various crystals are very dense (relative density >95%) leading to excellent erosion resistance to molten glass and are thus indispensable for glass melting furnaces.

Bernard Bonnefond (France)

Bernard Bonnefond (France)
Company Name Bernard Bonnefond
Founded 1925 (initially as electrical appliances repair service)
Head Office Saint Etienne, France
Major Products
  • Varivolt transformers (stepless variable transformer)
  • I.V.R. transformers
  • Small hydraulic generators
  • Special coils
  • Power supply engineering
  • Busduct

Gedevelop AB (Sweden)

Gedevelop AB (Sweden)
Company Name Gedevelop AB
Founded 1987
Head Office Helsingborg, Sweden
Major Products
  • Gob Image Analyzer (Gob camera for bottle glass furnace)
  • Glass Flow Meter (flow measurement camera for glass wool)
  • Glass Vision System (Glass bottle inspection device for hot end)

P-D DYKO (Germany)

DYKO-GLASS P-D refractories Lito GmbH
Company Name DYKO-GLASS P-D Refractories Lito GmbH
Head Office Düsseldorf, Germany
Major Products

Manufacturer of dense zircon, dense chrome

Dense sintered bricks are manufactured by a unique method. Ordinary bricks are fired at high temperature after compression molding resulting in a porous low density material making erosion by molten glass a problem.
In contrast, P-D DYKO's dense sintered bricks are dense and reliable as they are manufactured by advanced technology using the rubber press method to achieve uniformity under high pressure. Although electroformed bricks are dense, they are weak against heat shocks and are inferior regarding electrical insulation. Dense zircon overcomes these problems and has been widely used in melting furnaces for LCD-glass in recent years.
Dense chrome bricks excelling in erosion resistance are used in the throat of bottle glass furnaces, the corner of the doghouse, and fiber glass furnaces.

Vitroflow (Sweden)

Company Name Vitroflow AB
Details From southwestern town Helsingborg of Sweden, Vitroflow has serviced and implemented over hundreds of glass monitoring equipments. Over 50 years of depth-experience allows Vitroflow to provide full service and support to clients 24/7.
For any questions or requests regarding our services please feel free to contact us via phone or inquiry form.
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