Ceramic Forum Co., Ltd. was founded on August 1st, 2001 by three engineers. Having passed tough challenges such as the burst of the bubble, the Lehman Shock and the big earthquake in March, I am happy to announce that we were able to commemorate our 10th anniversary this year.

This is all thanks to the patronage of our customers, the warm support we always receive from our European partner companies and the patient support from our shareholders in times of economic health as well as recession. Inheriting the tradition of having been formed on pan-industry meetings, we have always aimed to develop a global business through technical expert networks, IT-driven rational business, and our “Open , Fair , Speedy" motto management. Fortunately, our operating income and sales grew steadily and our financial structure now shows an equity ratio exceeding 60%.

Our core business areas are glass melting technology and wide-gap semiconductors. These two areas were established by our new and young driving force, who have joined us after the resignation of some of our mature initial members, having lead the three core business areas at the time: glass, optoelectronics and photovoltaics.

During these changes, the one thing that has not changed since our establishment is our business style, which is based on global partnerships. However, in terms of business model, we have recently been focusing more on technology and product development consultation rather than simply functioning as a mediator. This is due to a background which we have shifted from advanced materials and high-tech business to becoming a solution provider for energy savings and CO2 reduction problems to well matured industries. Furthermore we are exploring ways of combining our European partner's technologies through our coordination.

It is possible that the difficult global economic climate surrounding Japan in recent years could lead to drastic changes in commercial practices and values. However, we see this situation positively and would like to take advantage of this to make our next big step forward.


Our profile

Ceramic Forum Co.,Ltd
Company Ceramic Forum Co., Ltd.
3rd Kusumoto Bldg., 3-19-6 Kanda, Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054 Japan
Tel: (+81)3-5577-2947 Fax: (+81)3-5577-2948
Founded: August 7, 2001
Capital 20 million JPY
The number of member 6
The Annual Period July 31
Our Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Main Business Trading and Consulting, Glass melting technology, Wide-Gap Semiconductor Material
Board Member CEO Hiroyuki Isaki, Director Dan Kato, Director Chie Tanaka, Auditor Iwao Kato
Shareholder Iwao Kato, Glass service, the members of Ceramic Forum group
Major customers Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd
Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Ltd
Central Glass Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd
HOYA Corporation
Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd.
Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.
Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd
Toyo Glass Co., Ltd
Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.
Nihontaisanbin Glass Bottle Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Daiichi Glass Company Ltd.
Osaka Gas Co.,Ltd
AIST(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Toshiba Corporation
Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
Denso Corporation
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd
Fujitsu Limited
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation  
Panasonic Corporation
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Electron Limited
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd
Showa Denko K.K.
Research institutions