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  • To deliver the best one stop solution
     for everyone involved in Research & Development and Manufacturing

Message from the President

At Ceramic Forum, about 30 years have passed since the 1990s when we started leading an exchange group for engineers and researchers.Although most of the engineers involved at the time of establishment have since retired, we have not forgotten our philosophy to form "An R&D trading company that respects technology for engineers".

Be it next-generation semiconductors like SiC, technical services to accelerate their development, IOT technology that provides an environment where engineers can concentrate on creative R & D, many of our company ideas are focused on "technology".

Although yet a small company, we are refining and devoting our company's technical capabilities to deliver the best one stop solution to everyone involved in Research & Development, Development & Manufacture.

Hiroyuki Isaki, President and CEO



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Handling Manufacturers

Handling Manufacturers

Information on Glass Manufacturing Technology handled by our company, Wide-Gap Semiconductors, and catalogue of major manufacturers of optical related technology.

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