Ceramic Forum, Glass Manufacturing Technology and Wide-Gap Semiconductors

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  • Next-Generation Power Semiconductors

    Supporting the deployment of wide bandgap semiconductors.

  • Engineering in Glass Production

    Energy and labor-saving technology for glass manufacturers.


Semiconductor Department

  • SiC Bulk+Epi Wafer related services
    Offering SiC bulk wafer and SiC Epi Services, SiC device manufacturing services, CMP services, and Ion implantation services.

    SiC Bulk+Epi Wafer
    related services

  • GaN bulk and Epi Wafer
    Offering top quality Ammono GaN bulk wafer + GaN epitaxy.

    GaN bulk and Epi Wafer

  • Semiconductor Inspection / Measuring Equipment
    Apart from having started sales of our CF-developed crystal evaluation device, we deal in DLTS measuring devices, Raman microscopes, wafer flatness measuring devices and PL Wafer Scanners.

    Semiconductor Inspection / Measuring Equipment

  • DLTS Analysis Service
    Offering DLTS Measuring services for highly sensitive detection of impurities and defects in semiconductors, as well as crystal evaluation services.Especially good results in wide-gap semiconductors (SiC, GaN, AIN etc.)

    DLTS Analysis Service

Glass Manufacturing Technology Department

  • Analysis / Simulation Service
    Fundamental research primarily by Czech Glass Services, Inc.; Bubble/Stone analysis technology, Dissolved gas analysis, Redox Measuring Device (Rapidox), High Temperature Observation (HTO), High temperature glass material properties measurements etc. ...

    Analysis / Simulation Service

  • Engineering for Glass Manufacturing
    Operational conditions for glass melting furnaces are calculated by fundamental research and computer simulation technology. ​However, a variety of engineering technology is necessary to realize operational conditions.

    Engineering for Glass Manufacturing


  • Our Goal at Ceramic Forum
    Our Goal at Ceramic Forum
    As a technology coordinator and reliable business partner for our customers, we aim for global business development through technology based human networks.
  • Ceramic Forum's main two enterprises
    Ceramic Forum's main two enterprises
    Provision of next-generation semiconductor technology / products such as SiC, GaN etc., in the Semiconductor Department, and provision of manufacturing equipment and analysis / simulation services in the Glass Melting Technology Department.
  • Overseas Networks
    Overseas Networks
    We import the latest technology from our alliance partners in European countries, contributing to new technological innovation for the future of Japan.

Technical Materials

Company Profile

Company Profile


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