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SiC (Silicon Carbide)

We handle a wide range of well-known manufacturers, such as SiCrystal Inc. and Norstel AB of Sweden, Europe's largest SiC single crystalline wafer manufacturers.

SiC n-type Bulk Wafers
(Norstel / SiCrystal)

We handle SiC single crystal bulk wafers which are determined to be the substrate for the next generation of power devices.We are proud of our world class quality.

SiC Semi-insulating Bulk Wafers

We deal with SiC semi-insulating bulk wafers used as wafers for high frequency devices such as next-generation cellular phone base stations and radar etc.

Filtered SiC Ion Implantation Services

We provide technology to dramatically improve doping controllability for SiC epi layers.

Also, although said to be very difficult to achieve in SiC, this technology has the potential to realize the creation of super junction structures etc.

SiC Epi Services

We are providing SiC epitaxial services influencing the performance of SiC devices. Depending on request, we are trying to meet all specifications from N type, P type, to 600 V devices, and Epi for ultra-high voltage devices exceeding 10 KV.

Ion Implantation Services

An extremely high output is required for deep ion implantation for Si and SiC power devices.We provide such high-powered ion implantation services.Applications in Si lifetime control, and SiC deep implantation, etc. are expected.

SiC Device Foundry

To develop and manufacture SiC devices, highly advanced technology and know-how are necessary.

At a foundry with more than 20 years of development experience, we offer device development services.

SiC Gemstone by Norstel AB

Ceramic Forum handles SiC Gemstone manufactured by Norstel AB. This SiC gemstone is almost identical to natural diamond.



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