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SiC semi-insulating wafer

Features of SiC semi-insulating wafers

SiC semi-insulating wafers have wide application for use as a base substrate in high frequency devices (Gallium nitride HEMT). Already in wide use as a transmission amplifier in cellular phone base stations, military radar etc., usage has been steadily increasing over the last few years. In the future, it shows promise for application in automotive radar, large-capacity data transmission etc.

Ceramic Forum began handling SiC semi-insulating wafers in 2011. Semi-insulating SiC wafers are manufactured by high temperature CVD method, which has the following characteristics in comparison with wafers produced by the sublimation method.
・Low rate of defects (low MPD, TSD) -High-resistivity high resistance uniformity in the wafer plane
・High purity

Features of SiC semi-insulating wafers

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Examples of Use

  • Transmission amplifier for cellular phone base stations (LTE base stations, Wi-Max base stations, 5G base stations, etc.)
  • Military device (radar, missile direction indicator etc.)
  • High speed data communication (Broadband broadcasting, satellite data transmission)
  • Base substrate for graphene growth




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