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Wafer Processing Services

Features of SiC Wafer processing services

Ceramic Forum provides total solutions such as CMP processing, reclaim polishing, wafer thinning, wire-saw processing, cleaning, process evaluation etc. for various wafers.From our network of processing manufacturers, we will furnish the optimum manufacturer to meet our customer's requirements and requests for CMP processing and reclaim polishing for SiC wafers, GaN wafers, Ga203 wafers etc.

As the advanced materials of wafers such as SiC, GaN, Ga203 etc. are expensive, utilization of reclaimed wafers is effective both in mass production and R&D.However, as many required elements are not yet clear, such as the required polishing quality, deposition equipment matching etc., a range of expertise in various areas, such as wafers, polish processing, equipment, evaluation, etc., is needed to find optimal solutions.At our company, we furnish optimum solutions to our customers via the knowledge gained from dealing with highly-diversified commodities.

Features of SiC Wafer processing services

SiC Wafer processing 

  • CMP process (SiC Ra <0.2nm, Si, GaAs, AlO3, GaN, Ga2O3)
  • Planarization process (surface improvement after thick-film Epi, after SJ structure formation)
  • Reclaim polishing (Oxides such as Si, SiC, GaAs, AlO3, GaN, Ga2O3, LiTaO3 etc.)
  • Backside polishing, wafer thinning (Wafer thinning for improved device performance)
  • Cleaning(Wafer cleaning after evaluation)

SiC Wafer processing 

   SiC AlN   GaN Al2O3   ZnO Ge,SiGe,etc 
Polishing  X X X X X X
Reclaim X X X X X X
Thinning X          
Planarization X X X      
 Epitaxy X          


Novasic (Grenoble, France)

Novasic (Grenoble, France)

Europe's number one service provider for polishing advanced materials such as SiC, GaN etc.After establishment in 1995, Novasic has been consistently taking the lead in polishing development for European advanced materials research projects.Novasic also does polishing services for wafer manufacturers, and are one of the world's leading polishing and processing manufacturers in terms of processing results and total polishing numbers.

Also, through joint epi technology research with French research institution CREHEA-CNRS, they are one of the few manufacturers that can offer not only 4H but also 3C epi.CMP evaluation is often not done unless by epi deposition, one strength of Novasic is that from within the company they can complete evaluation through polishing.


Japanese polishing and processing manufacturers

Japanese polishing and processing manufacturers of course also have much experience and expertise in the field of advanced materials polishing and processing of SiC, GaN etc.Customized processing to optimally fit each material and request can also be done.Due to our close ties with numerous Japanese polishing manufacturers, we at Ceramicforum are able fulfill the needed conditions and requests of our customers.Also, in order to find the best match for your process, we can conduct comparative tests between several companies.

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