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Filtered SiC Ion Implantation Services

Features of Filtered SiC Ion Implantation Service

Technology to dramatically improve epi layer doping controllability for SiC.
A new technology using a silicon film called an energy filter (EFII) makes it possible to form any doping profile by a single ion implantation.For example, by using the filter, with only one ion implantation, SiC epi layer doping control can be done with high precision.In such cases, the concentration error within the wafer plane is suppressed to ± 1 to 2% or less, making it possible to significantly improve accuracy and productivity over conventional epi equipment for doping control.

The supplier of this technology is mi2-factory GmbH, a notable venture which recently formed many collaborative alliances with European device makers.Besides providing the energy filters, they offer SiC ion implantation services using these filters.

Features of Filtered SiC Ion Implantation Service

Examples of Use

  1. Doping Control of SiC Epitaxial Layer  In epitaxial growth using CVD, by using EFII the fluctuation width can be limited to 1% to 2%, making the highly difficult doping control of the peripheral portion of the wafer possible.

  2. SiC Super Junction (SJ) Structure Formation   Ion implantation makes it possible to solve many problems related to the formation of SJ structure using Epi, such as the number of steps involved, reproduction difficulties etc.The SJ structure is formed by one implantation, without concern about trench structure formation from etching, embedded Epi process, or the flattening process after Epi.

Manufacturer Profile

mi2-factory (Germany, Jena)

mi2-factory (Germany, Jena)

A spin-off venture from Jena University, Germany.A startup venture established in 2016, centered around the professors and researchers who participated in the 2012 University project "Ion Implantation Control Development Project in Energy Filter Use".By collaboration with several ion implantation service companies in Europe, they are accelerating development to become a new technology standard in SiC device development.

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