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Semiconductor Department

Features of the semiconductor department

We, the semiconductor department of Ceramicforum offer a wide range of products and services of next-generation wide band-gap (WBG) semiconductors with the potential to surpass silicon semiconductors. Current development for WBG semiconductors is advancing at a rapid pace, showing promise for installation in electrical equipment and automobiles to be released after 2020.

The semiconductor department of our company provides customers with the most diverse range of products and services to support their research and development of wide band-gap semiconductors.

About Wide-Gap Semiconductors

Wide band-gap semiconductors are large band-gap semiconductors, with excellent physical properties such as wide forbidden band-width, breakdown field of the high insulation layer, high saturation speed of electrons, and high thermal conductivity, etc.
With these features, they are attracting attention as next-generation semiconductor for high-voltage devices, high-frequency high-output devices and so on, able to operate in areas that were previously inaccessible due to physical property limitations in Si (Silicon) and GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) which are currently used in mainstream semiconductors.

Wide-Gap Semiconductors

Wide band-gap semiconductors attract great attention these days and are expected to be applied to new network infrastructures such as smart grid and new energy including electric cars, LEDs, solar cells, etc., which are regarded as powerful solutions to today's global and social keywords "energy conservation" and "CO2 emission reduction". Although wide band-gap semiconductors have a very high potential, it is very difficult to obtain high-quality crystals. From mass-produced materials like SiC to still under development crystals like AlN/diamond, there are all kinds of crystalline quality available.

Products and services in our semiconductor department.

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