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Laser Raman Microscope RAMANtouch


Ceramic Forum handles Laser Raman Microscope RAMANtouch developed and manufactured by Nanophoton, Japan.

Nanophoton's laser Raman microscope was developed to provide the fastest and highest quality Raman imaging in the world. Their microscope uses its own line lighting technology. The generated Raman light is split and detected in 400 pixels in the Y-axis direction of the CCD, and 400 spectra can be acquired with one exposure. Furthermore, by adopting a laser beam scanning method different from the conventional one, high speed and high accuracy scanning has been realized. This makes it possible to acquire Raman images of tens of thousands of pixels in minutes.


At the same time, Nanophoton also designed the optical system to obtain spatial resolving power of 350 nm. Raman touch has a high-quality laser of transverse or single mode. As a result, when the demonstration measurement was performed using diamond beads, it was confirmed that when the intensity profile of the Raman peak was taken in the imaged image, the guaranteed full width at half maximum was 350 nm.

"Have sufficient spectral resolution", "Ensure sufficient brightness", and "To be compact" are the condition that Nanophoton aimed to achieve. To satisfy these conditions, RAMANtouch adopts a spectrometer with a focal length of 500 mm. For that reason, when using a diffraction grating with a spectral resolution of 1200 gr / mm, the full width at half maximum of 1.2 cm -1 was cut off. Therefore, complex peak groups can be detected firmly separately.


Spatial resolution (X/Y/Z)  350nm/500nm/1000nm (@532nm, 100x, 0.9NA)
Spectrum Measering Range  100cm^-1 〜 
Spectral resolution (FWHM)  1.2cm^-1 (@785nm, 1200gr/mm)
 Spectral piel resolution  0.3cm^-1/pixel (@785nm, 1200gr/mm)
Peak positioning accuracy   0.1cm^-1
Laser wavelength 488nm, 532nm, 671nm,785nm 
 Laser irradiation method  Point lighting・Line lighting
 Focal length of spectrometer 500mm 
Grating 3 pieces from 150, 300, 600,1200, 1800, 2400gr/mm
Detector  Electronical Cooling CCD 1340x400pixel
 Optical Microscope 成立型・倒立型 
Data base  Cooling/Heating Stage
Stage for wide-field observation Simple Raman Measurement
High precision peak shift function Remort control by iPad
Reflectance spectroscopic imaging function   
Size and Weight  
Size (WxHxD) 820 x 450 x 590mm
Weight 70kg


Nanophoton (Japan)

Nanophoton is a Japanese company established in 2003 with a philosophy of "changing world with nano and photonics". They currently contribute to science and industrial research within Japan by utilizing their unique technology acquired from professional experience.

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