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Company Outline

Company Outline

Company Name Ceramicforum Co., Ltd
Head Ofiice 〒101-0054
9F, 3rd Kusumoto Bld., 1-19-6 Kanda, Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-5577-2947  Fax 03-5577-2948
Founded August 7, 2001
Capital 20 million JPY
Employees 12
Fiscal year The end of July
Major bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Business R & D technology trading company
Sales of wide-bandgap semiconductors
Sales of glass manufacturing products
Analysis/simulation service
Semiconductor foundry service
Developing, manufacturing, sales of semiconductor inspection/measurement equipment
Board Members President & CEO: Hiroyuki Isaki
Director: Dan Kato
Auditor: Iwao Kato
Share Holders Iwao Kato
Glass Service, Inc.
Hiroyuki Isaki
Dan Kato
Members of Ceramicforum
Major Customers Asahi Glass Co., Ltd
Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd
Central Glass Co., Ltd
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd
HOYA Corporation
Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd
Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd
Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd
Toyo Glass Co., Ltd
Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd
Nihon Taisanbin Glass Bottle Mfg. Co., Ltd
Daiichi Glass Co., Ltd
Toyo-Sasaki Glass Co., Ltd
Okubo Glass Co., Ltd
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Toshiba Corporation
Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc.
Denso Corporation
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd
Fujitsu Limited
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd
Tokyo Electron Limited.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Domestic Research Organizations and Universities


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