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GaN/AlN Template

Features of GaN/AlN Templates

Ceramic forum deals with GaN · AlN template from Nanowin China. These are on-sapphire template and can be used as a nitride epitaxial growth substrate. The template formed by Nanowin's HVPE method has very few crystal defects and high thickness uniformity. The cost is less than ordinary GaN substrate and foreseen as next-generation material for nitride semiconductor development · basic research. Currently, these templates are used for research on white and blue LEDs and LED for sterilization.

Ceramic Forum accepts orders from a few pieces, so please do not hesitate to contact us. At the same time, when epitaxial growth is required on the template, we also offer the best solution.


  •   1, LED Display
  •   2, White LED, UV LED
  •   3, Power-efficient Devices
  •   4, Power Devices
  •   5, LED for Sterilization

Manufacturer Profile

Nanowin (China)

Nanowin Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 at Suzhou Industrial Park in China. This is a company that manufactures high-quality nitride semiconductors. They have knowledge of nitride materials that are not comparable with other rivals. Nanowin wants to promote industrial application of nitride semiconductors to related industries such as telecommunications and renewable energy.

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