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Ion Implantation Services

Features of Ion Implantation Services

Offering Ion implantation services, focused mainly on silicon implantation, as well as SiC, GaN, GaAs, etc.The main feature is high energy ion implantation, able to inject 50MeV using a 6MV ion implanter.With many tangible results in power device implantation, it is widely used for lifetime control using light elements such as H and He etc., doping and electric field control using B, P, As.Offering the world's highest energy ion implantation, able to implant SiC to a depth of 10 μm, something that cannot be achieved with conventional implantation machines.

Our implantation services supplier is HZDR Innovation GmbH, one of the world's leading high energy ion implantation companies.

Features of Ion Implantation Services

Examples of Use

  • Lifetime control using H and He implantation into Si wafers (for power devices)
  • Nitrogen, aluminum and boron implantation in SiC to a depth of ~ 10 μm (for power devices)

Manufacturer Profile

HZDR Innovation 社(ドイツ、Dresden)

HZDR Innovation (Germany, Dresden)

Manufacturer Profile: HZDR Innovation (Germany, Dresden) A spin-off venture from the Dresden laboratory of Helmholtz-Zentrum, one of Germany's leading R & D institutions.Established with the aim of contributing to the industry by using the world's highest energy ion implanter owned by a research institution.Currently providing implantation services to manufacturing companies and research institutions in 13 different countries, mainly in Europe and the United States.Company owned implantation equipment has 2 MV, 3 MV and 6 MV capacity, and is used in a wide range of applications ranging from R & D to mass production.

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