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SiCrystal AG SiC Bulk Wafer

Features of SiCrystal SiC bulk wafers

Demand continues to grow for SiC bulk wafers as a base substrate for next-generation power semiconductors.As a trump card for energy conservation, these (SiC bulk wafers) show promise for installation in electric automobiles, photo-voltaic power generation systems, as well as wind power generation systems, etc.On the other hand, high performance, low cost SiC bulk wafers are difficult to produce due to high temperature sublimation manufacturing methods. All SiC bulk wafers handled in Ceramic Forum have passed the strict quality inspections for use in device mass production.

Ceramic Forum began handling SiC bulk wafers manufactured by SiCrystals in 2001.Our SiC wafers are manufactured by the sublimation method, which boasts highly successful results in mass production in comparison with wafers produced by other companies.With parent company ROHM's adoption of the SiC device, many manufacturers now use it, demonstrating its stability and reliability.

Features of SiCrystal SiC bulk wafers

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Examples of Use

  • Base substrate for SiC devices (transistors such as diode, MOSFET etc.)
  • Base substrate for GaN devices (high frequency devices such as HEMT etc.)
  • Support substrate for graphene manufacturing
  • High radiation resistance features for strong structural material.

Manufacturer Profile

ドイツ SiCrystal社

SiCrystal (Nuremberg city, Germany)

Europe's largest SiC single crystalline wafer manufacturer.Founded in 1997 on the SiC Single-crystal Growth Technology Development project launched in Germany in 1994, in 2001 it started to mass produce and supply SiC wafers.In 2000, it merged with Freitonics of Siemens group, and in 2009 became one company under ROHM CO., LTD.
With the company philosophy "stable quality", they have built a wafer integrated production system, from SiC raw materials, to crystal growth, wafer processing, and inspection. SiCrystal acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 1999.

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