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Wide-bandgap semiconductors

List of wide-bandgap semiconductor partners

SiCrystal AG (Rohm Group) (Germany)

SiCrystal AG (Germany)
Company Name SiCrystal, AG.
Founded 1997
Head Office Germany
Company Profile

Europe’s largest SiC monocrystal wafer manufacturer.
Established in 1997 based on a SiC single-crystal growth technology development project launched in Germany in 1994. In 2001 SiCrystal started to mass produce and supply SiC wafers.
In 2000, it merged with Freitronics Wafer GmbH & Co. KG of Siemens group, and in 2009 became a company under Rohm Co., Ltd.
With the company philosophy “stable quality”, they have built a wafer integrated production system, from SiC raw materials, to crystal growth, wafer processing, and inspection.
SiCrystal acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 1999.

Enkris Semiconductor (China)

Ascatron AB (Sweden)
Company Name Enkris Semiconductor, Inc
Founded 2012
Head Office Suzhou, China
Company Profile

Enkris Semiconductor, Inc. is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, with an advanced gallium nitride epitaxial material development and manufactory base. Enkris is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality GaN epitaxial materials for the applications like power electronics, micro-displays, etc.
Nowadays, Enkris provides a wide range of GaN epi-wafers for both industry and academic customers all around the world.

II-VI Kista AB (Coherent Group)(Sweden)

Ascatron AB (Sweden)
Company Name II-VI Kista AB (Coherent Group)
Founded 2011
Head Office Kista, Sweden
Company Profile

Coherent is a SiC-foundry established in 2011 able to process SiC from epitaxy to device design and packaging.
A spin-off venture form Swedish national research institute ACREO, Ascatron is still located at the same research institution and conducts R&D for SiC since 1993.
Due to unique expertise based on development results, Ascatron provides 3DSiC epitaxial structures, device design, process technology etc. as well as know-how and technology only available from their company.

Ammono, Inc (Unipress)(Poland)

Ammono SA (Poland)
Company Name Ammono, Inc.(Unipress)
Founded 1999
Head Office Warsaw, Poland
Company Profile

Europe’s No.1 free-standing GaN substrate manufacturer.
GaN wafers manufactured by Ammono are rated the highest quality in the world.
Based on a single-crystal GaN R&D project started in 1992 at the University of Warsaw, Poland, Ammono was established in 1999 as a manufacturer specializing in GaN substrates.
As of June 2017, Ammono has a product line-up of m-plane, a-plane and semi-polar plane, as well as c-plane with maximum diameters of up to 2 inches.

Novasic (Soitec Group) (France)

Novasic (Framce)
Company Name NovaSiC
Founded 1995
Head Office Grenoble, France
Company Profile

Europe’s number one service provider for polishing advanced materials such as SiC, GaN etc.
After its establishment in 1995, NovaSiC has been consistently taking the lead in polishing development for European advanced materials research projects.
NovaSiC also does polishing services for wafer manufacturers, and is one of the world’s leading polishing and processing manufacturers in terms of processing results and total polishing amount.

Also, through joint epi technology research with French research institution CREHEA-CNRS, they are one of the few manufacturers that can offer not only 4H but also 3C epi.
As CMP evaluation is often difficult unless an epi layer has been deposited, one strength of NovaSiC is that they can evaluate their CMP results internally directly after the polishing process.

LayTec (Germany)

Company Name LayTec AG
Founded 1999
Head Office Berlin, Germany
Company Profile

LayTec develops and manufactures metrology-based solutions that enable high yield and high performance manufacturing, advanced process control and related R&D. LayTec's integrated metrology is the ultimate choice for customers in industry and research, in particular in the fields of semiconductors (compound semiconductor applications and Silicon semiconductor thin-film characterization) as well as PV market and large area coating.
Currently, the company has more than 2000 metrology systems installed at customer sites around the world, 75% of which are in Asia, 10% in North America and 15% in Europe.

HZDR Innovation (Germany)

HZDR Innovation (Germany)
Company Name HZDR Innovation GmbH
Founded 2011
Head Office Dresden, Germany
Company Profile

HZDR Innovation is a spin-off venture from the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Dresden, one of Germany’s leading R&D institutions.
Established with the aim of contributing to the industry by using the world’s highest energy ion implanter owned by a research institution.
Currently providing implantation services to manufacturing companies and research institutions in 13 different countries, mainly in Europe and the United States.
Company owned implantation equipment has 2 MV, 3MV and 6MV capacity, and it used in a wide array of applications ranging from R&D to mass production.

mi2-factory (Germany)

mi2-factory (Germany)
Company Name mi2-factory GmbH
Founded 2016
Head Office Jena, Germany
Company Profile

A spin-off venture from Jena University, Germany.
Established in 2016 centered around the professors and researchers who participated in the 2012 University project “Ion Implantation Control Development Project in Energy Filter Use”.
By collaboration with several ion implantation service companies in Europe, they are accelerating development to become a new technology standard in SiC device development.

Seen Semiconductors (Poland)

Seen Semiconductors (Poland)
Company Name Seen Semiconductors
Founded 2011
Head office Warsaw, Poland
Company Profile

A spin-off company from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Pressure Physics (Unipress) founded in 2011 specializing in III-V general epitaxial growth for not only GaN, but also InP, GaAs, AlN etc.
Featuring a high degree of flexibility to accommodate orders of simple structures to complicated structures.

Phystech (Germany)

Phystech (Germany)
Company Name Phystech GmbH
Founded 1990
Head Office Moosburg, Germany
Company Profile

A specialized manufacturer of DLTS measurement equipment with roots to the University of Kassel, Germany.
Currently, Phystech has succeeded in the development of the only digital system among all the DLTS systems available for sale, the world’s most popular DLTS measurement system, DL-8000 (vendor BIO-RAD).
The FT-1230 released in 2016, in comparison with competitive products, has the most diversified measurement modes, and is the only system capable of the scale necessary to meet request from researchers to measure all kinds of materials.

Nanowin (China)

Company Name Suzhou Nanowin Science and Technology Co.,Ltd
Founded 2007
Head Office Suzhou, China
Company Profile

Since the foundation in 2007 in Suzhou China, they are a world advanced level high-tech company specialising in technology development, producing high-quality GaN conductor materials. They have extensive expertise and patents in nitrides and produces high-quality nitride semiconductors.
They are also actively promoting the industrial application of nitride semiconductors in the telecommunications and renewable energy sectors.

Eta Research (China)

Eta Research
Company Name Eta Research Ltd.
Founded 2015
Head Office Shanghai, China
Company Profile

Eta Research Ltd. is a high-tech company set up in 2015.
They focuses on growing large size high-quality GaN wafers which can be produced for an affordable price for semiconductor industries. They has adopted self-developed HVPE as the production method for GaN wafers.
In terms of strategic development, with the help of quality free-standing GaN wafers, Eta intends to research and enable high-end LED, power electronics, and other devices, so as to promote long-term plan of developing the whole industry chain.

Saphlux (US)

Company Name Saphlux, Inc.
Founded 2014
Head Office New Haven, Connecticut, US
Company Profile

Saphlux is a US-based company, founded at Yale University in 2014, committed to develop semi-polar GaN materials on sapphire to enable next-generation high-power and high-performance LEDs and laser diodes.
They develop and manufactures next-generation light sources for customers in the display and lighting industries, as well as technologies that maximise the unique properties of semi-polar GaN and can be applied not only to conventional LEDs, but also to the next generation of Micro LEDs.

Aehr Test Systems (US)

Company Name Aehr Test Systems
Founded 1977
Head Office Fremont, California, US
Company Profile

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Aehr Test Systems is a worldwide provider of test systems for burning-in and testing logic, optical and memory integrated circuits and has over 2,500 systems installed worldwide.
Increased quality and reliability needs of the Automotive and Mobility integrated circuit markets are driving additional test requirements, incremental capacity needs, and new opportunities for Aehr Test products in package, wafer level, and singulated die/module level test.

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