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Evaluation and Analysis Services

Evaluation and Analysis Services: At Ceramic Forum, we have started offering measurement and analysis services for defect evaluation in semiconductor materials / devices by the DLTS (Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy) method.
When it comes to defect evaluation methods in semiconductors, the DLTS method has merits in its detection sensitivity etc., that are not available in other analysis methods.
However, considerable knowledge and experience are necessary to master the use of this method and obtain correct evaluation results.
With our equipment system sales, measurement / analysis services, and further dissemination of DLTS related technology, we would like to contribute to the development of the Japanese semiconductor industry.

Features of our Measurement / Analysis Services

(1)Capable of Meeting a Wide Range of Measurement Needs

Although the DLTS method is certainly a highly sensitive means of measurement, the physical properties of semiconductors are diverse.
For example, in so called semi-insulating semiconductors and ultra-thin layer semiconductors with depletion layers covering the whole sample, transient changes in junction capacitance can no longer be measured and normal capacity DLTS method is ineffective.
In such samples, the current mode based PITS method and TSC method are effective.
The FT1030 is our standard measurement system, as it can meet a wide range of measurement needs according to the physical properties of the sample.

(2) Supported by Professional Engineers

The professional engineers in charge of our measurement / analysis services have been involved for many years in semiconductor R & D, as well as defect evaluation by the DLTS method.
Defect levels may often exhibit complicated phenomena such as metastable behavior etc. making it difficult to interpret DLTS measurement results.
With their abundant knowledge and experience, our staff can solve such problems.

Features of our Measurement / Analysis Services

Fig. 1: DLTS spectrum of SiC epi-layer

Fig. 2: Evaluation of SiC-MOS interface state (DLTS/CC-DLTS comparison)

We can see that the normal DLTS method shows an overestimation of the interface state concentration (Δ = 28%, @ 0.5 eV).

Fig. 3: PITS spectrum of semi-insulating GaAs

The existence of seven levels is indicated by T1~7.

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