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Features of "HTO" High Temperature Observation Tool

HTO is a high temperature observation equipment manufactured by Glass Service, Czech. 

This gives visual observation of process in molten glass in connection with computer image analysis. The image analysis also gives a quantitative evaluation of phenomena. HTO will provide you with data and gas property measurements for mathematical of bubble behavior.

HTO tests are mainly focused on:
・Refractory tests
・Refining tests 
・Fining tests
・Bubble growth, shrinking test

Glass Service will provide services such as installation and training upon request.

Please inquire us if interested.

Manufacturer Profile

Glass Service (Czech)

Glass Service Company is a Czech company that provides glass analysis and manufactures various glass melting equipments. 

Glass Service aims to provide innovative products and services by combining the basic technology of glass melting and lab technology. As a main product, Glass Service manufactures an advanced control system (ES III) combining their glass manufacturing and IoT technologies.

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