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FT Gas Injector

Features of FT Gas Injector

Rapidox II is an oxygen measuring equipment manufactured by Glass Service, Czech. 

This product has the following features.
· Float furnace, container furnace, designed exclusively for each.
· It is a dedicated design tailored to the existing burner support base.
· Flame adjustment (length / shape) according to customer's individual request is possible.
· Low combustion temperature and high brightness flame realize low NOx emission reduction.
    Float glass furnace <220 ppmNOx
    Container glass furnace <130 ppm
· NOx· Flame adjustment is very easy.
· 2% ~ 8% energy saving effect is brought by flame adjustment.
· Contribute to improving glass quality by good combustion.

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Fuel Natural Gas, LPG, and Propane
Energy Output S(0.3 - 1.5 MW) M(1.1 - 4.4MW) L(3.6-8.0MW)
Cooling Air >4.0 bar (Non-firing period)
Socket Plate Cooling Air >2.0 Pa, 300Nm^3/h (Continous)

Manufacturer Profile


FLAMMATEC is a furnace burner manufacturer founded in 2008 by the investment of Czech Glass Service Company. 

They manufacture burners suitable for various thermal storage furnaces. FlammaTec offers burners suitable for all types of regeneration furnaces, end ports, and side ports. Every burner creates a high-intensity flame with the installation of the under port and the side port. It is suitable for oil, gas and dual fuel which produces low NOx with excellent heat transfer.

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