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Rapidox II

Features of "Rapidox II" Redox Measurement Equipment

Rapidox II is an oxygen measuring equipment manufactured by Glass Service, Czech. 

This device measures the concentration of oxygen contained in molten glass around 1,650 ℃. By knowing oxidation-reduction (redox) in the molten glass, it becomes possible to optimize the fining effect and to control the color tone of the glass of the glass. In addition, by measuring the oxygen concentration of the recovery cullet in advance, it is possible to stabilize the operation. Rapidox II has a fast response time (less than 10min), wide dynamic range (1-10^-9 bar), and high reproductivity (5mv at 1300℃).

By measuring oxygen activity of batch material provides valuable information regarding foaming and fining characteristics as well as final product properties, particularly color.

By using Rapidox II you will gain these benefits:
・Reduce waste
・Increases the use of recycled cullets
・Lower Environmental Contamination
・Optimizes Fining Process
・Decreased Energy Consumption

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Measurements for Specific Glass Manufacturers

Container Glass:
Rapidox II can be applied to measure the reduction of organic and other pollutants that could be present in the cullets. Values measured can be used to correct the batch mixture in order to stabilize the color and quality of final products.

Float Glass:
Rapidox II could aid in control of the fining and foaming process which take place during float glass melting. This could determine the amount of fining agents such as sulfates and minor amounts of coke or blast furnace slag.

Fiber Glass:
Rapidox II can show the effect of different raw materials upon the radiative properties of the fibers during the forming process including fiber breakage.


Electrical Connections    
Supply Voltage   220/230v
 Supply Phase Single, with earth 
Supply Frequency   50/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption   5 kVA
 Circuit Breaker Rating   25 amps
Computer Interface   RS232C
 Operational Parameters  
 Ambient to 1650℃ 
 Temperature Stability  1℃

Manufacturer Profile

Glass Service (Czech)

Glass Service Company is a Czech company that provides glass analysis and manufactures various glass melting equipments. 

Glass Service aims to provide innovative products and services by combining the basic technology of glass melting and lab technology. As a main product, Glass Service manufactures an advanced control system (ES III) combining their glass manufacturing and IoT technologies.

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