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Variable Transformer "Varivolt"

Features of Variable Transformer "Varivolt"

"Varivolt" is order made variable transformer made by French company Bernard Bonnefond.

Varivolt's unique feature is its linear and stepless voltage control. Former transformers were only able to change voltage at limited stage. On the other hand, Varivolt will enable an user to control voltage linearly. For example, if an user wanted to acheive 250kVa with former transformer that has staged limits of 200kVA and 300kVA, then the user had to give up. However, with Varivolt you can pick any voltage within range thus acheiving specific 250kVA that is needed.

Its energy efficiency is exceptional too. Varivolt has tolerated dose of maximum 30,000kVA and minimum of 200kVA, but it can keep its of 98% at all voltage level.

Varivolt's size and reduction of higher harmonic is also another characteristic. Depending on specs, Varivolt only takes up to 1/3 of space of former transformers. Reduction of higher harmonic will prevent machines from malfunctioning and breaking compenent. This made Varivot last 10 consecutive years of service.

Varivolt could be customized according to every customer's needs.

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Manufacturer Profile

Bernard Bonneford (France)

Bernard Bonnefond was established on 1925 at Saint-Etienne, France. They started as repair station for engines and electric machines. After 80 years, they have become a manufacture of glass manufacturing equipment.

Now, Bernard Bonnefond provides various companies all around the world. Their services starts from developing machinery that meets client's needs, to operator training program.

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