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Glass Flow Monitoring System "VFM"

Features of Glass Flow Monitoring System "VFM"

VFM is a Glass Flow Monitoring System, manufactured by Vitroflow, Sweden.

VFM will calculate the volume of molten glass precisely by measuring the bubble and its diameter when poured from bushing. When VFM is used along with properly configured bushing controller, you are able to control amount of molten glass by +/- 0.4% by weight. As a result you can produce glass wool that is 5% lighter then the one without VFM.

By measuring glass flow precisely, it will enable you to produce glass wools according to your plan. Before VFM was invented, engineers had to weight the final product then control the diameter of bushing correspondently. This method often caused excess or short production, causing inflation over total cost. To overcome this, VFM will control the glass flow while production. This will makes project on track and efficient to pursue.

VFM is compatible with various ethernet based communication protocols. It accepts protocols such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus and other. It features remote system access, making diagnostics and firmware update smoothly.

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Manufacturer Profile

Vitroflow (Sweden)

From southwestern town Helsingborg of Sweden, Vitroflow has serviced and implemented over hundreds of glass monitoring equipments. Over 50 years of depth-experience allows Vitroflow to provide full service and support to clients 24/7.

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